Logo on one of our vans.Automatic Home Standby Generators can be installed during new construction or retrofitted into existing residences and businesses. Our air-cooled systems are prepackaged, making installations easy and affordable.

This prepackaged system includes:

Our 8000 watt to 17,000 watt air-cooled systems come with all major components fully pre-wired, making most installations faster and more affordable than any other brand on the market today. Our automatic transfer switch system, with its built-in emergency load center, allows you to connect circuits from your home's main distribution panel to circuits in the load center. It's that simple! This innovative design makes installation easier for you and our authorized dealers. You decide which option is most economical and easiest for you. Upon receiving the generator one of our certified installation experts can deliver and install the unit for you in a day. No one else in the industry makes a system that is this easy and affordable to install! Please contact us for installation pricing.

Details of Installation

We take pride in all of our products and installations. We at Select Solar & Generator know that the generator will provide you with peace of mind during any power outages for years to come.

Generators require periodic preventive maintenance to ensure long term, trouble-free operation. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs.

Generators are an electrical generating device. It is exceedingly more complicated than any other home appliance you have. A commitment to maintenance must be made to ensure reliability and peace of mind knowing it will start when the power goes out.